Caldera Geothermal Inc. "Caldera" is a unique geothermal exploration and development company focused on discovery and delineation of geothermal systems in the Great Basin Region, in the western United States. The Company aims to become the leader in the early stage discovery of the geothermal development value chain.

Caldera's competitive advantage is its proven ability to discover unrecognized geothermal systems unlikely to be found by traditional, more costly geothermal exploration techniques.

This advantage is the result of a solid foundation of:

Caldera's technical team is among the foremost experts in geothermal exploration. Additionally, Caldera is represented by an experienced Board and management team with years of combined experience in management of energy and resource-based operations as well as other financial and technical industries.

Process & Technology
Caldera uses advanced targeting, knowledge base and the on-the-ground exploration experience in the exploration development process. Our innovative exploration methodology reduces time, cost and risk of identifying new geothermal systems.

Business Model
Caldera operates on a low cost discovery model that mitigates technical and financial risk. We have also structured a joint venture approach for downstream power plant development to further mitigate financial and execution risk.

Caldera's Current Portfolio is comprised of eight advanced and early stage exploration projects consisting of 26,272 acres of geothermal leases.